Watercolor USA Honor Society

“A Passionate Vision, A Clear Purpose”

Watercolor USA Honor Society is a unique organization formed in 1985 from a broad based assemblage of inventive artists. WHS endeavors to cultivate and promote an interest in watermedia painting via the venue of the Watercolor USA exhibition. Through its leadership, collaborations, services and advocacy for the kinetic medium of watercolor, WHS strives to benefit its members and the general public.  WHS members contribute their time and efforts within the Society and serve as ambassadors at large to champion the advancement of watercolor painting.

The Mission of Watercolor USA Honor Society is to focus attention on the Springfield Missouri Museum of Art as a repository for conserving, preserving, and collecting watercolor painting.  The permanent collection of the Springfield Missouri Museum of Art will provide the ultimate perspective on watercolor painting from the twentieth century and beyond.  Through the solicitations of gifts to the permanent collection and by direct purchases of significant works of art, WHS partners with the Springfield Missouri Museum of Art as it builds the most formidable collection of contemporary watermedia works in existence.

Member Gallery Spotlight

Carole H. Hennessy

In The Bubble

Andy Mayall

The Solution

John McIver


Wayne Conyers

Too Orange Roswell Night Fish

David Neil Mack

Lost Horizons

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