WHS Board Members


Please click on the link or links below each WHS Board member’s name to both learn more about them and see images of their work.

To contact a particular board member regarding WHS, you can click on their name to email them.

WHS Officers

President: Carole Hennessy

Secretary: Norma Herring

Treasurer: John Keeling

Newsletter Editor: Gary Cadwallader

Workshop Chair: Karla Breeding Trammell

Exhibition Chair: Bob Mejer

Membership Chair: Alicia Farris

Historian/Website Liaison: Sandra Schaffer

Board Members at Large

Wayne Conyers, Watercolor Now Committee

Lisa Englander

Board Members Ex-Officio

Laurin McCracken, WHS President Ex-Officio

Nick Nelson, SAM

Sarah Buhr, Curator, Springfield Art Museum

Board Members Emeritus

Jerry Berger, Honorary Life Member

Judi Betts, Lifetime Achievement Award

Questions about WHS and items for the newsletter:

Gary Cadwallader

263 SE 350 Road

Warrensburg, MO 64093

For directory additions and corrections, contact:

Alicia Farris

Watercolor USA Exhibition Prospectus Information:
After mid-December look for an online prospectus at:
Online entries will be open on January 4, 2019

Museum Contact Information:
Watercolor USA Exhibition
Springfield Art Museum
1111 E. Brookside Drive
Springfield, MO 65807
Call: 417-837-5700
Fax: 417-837-5704

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: 10am-6pm
Thursday: 10am-6pm
Sunday: 1pm-5pm
Closed: Monday, City of Springfield and National Holidays

Due to COVID-19, hours of operation may vary. Visit the Museum’s website for updates.

Watercolor USA Exhibition catalogs are available for sale.
Please contact the Springfield Art Museum for more information.

Watercolor Now! Exhibition
Signature Members of WHS who have paid current dues and Honorary Members shall have the privilege of submitting a painting to the Membership Exhibition titled “Watercolor Now!” held at the invitation of the Springfield Art Museum or at a place approved by the Board. Check the News page for current information on any upcoming Watercolor Now! Exhibition and dates for submission.


WHS Website Liaison:
Sandra Schaffer

Patrick Ripley

Membership Information

Submitting To The WHS Website Gallery

Digital Submissions Only – Do Not Send Slides

You can submit new or replacement images to the WHS Gallery in one of two ways:

1. Attach digital images to an e-mail and send to:
The goal is to send high quality digital images so your work can be optimized for display in the new online gallery. The file type should be JPEG (which has a .jpg file name extension). Exact specifications can vary.

But as a guide, your images should be no more than 1500 pixels on the longest side. A good file size would be between 1.5 Mb and 100 Kb. Patrick Ripley at Allegro Associates will resize and optimize your image for online display.

Each image file should be named with your name and the painting title (a dash with word space either side between name and painting title):

FirstnameLastname-Painting Title.jpg

In the body of the e-mail include your name, painting titles, painting image dimensions and medium.

2. Burn two high quality images with the same specifications as above to a disc. Label the painting images before burning to the file name format shown above.

Include on a separate piece of paper along with your disc the following information:

artist name, painting titles, painting image dimensions and medium.

Mail to:

WHS Gallery
c/o Patrick Ripley
Allegro Associates
2502 N. 46th Street, #8
Phoenix, AZ 85008-2431

If you have technical questions please contact